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Statewide Arts Events

Events across the state for artists and arts enthusiasts. Click here for upcoming Artist Trust events.

November 2017

  1. Seattle’s Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) is excited to present Cathy McClure, multi-media artist with a background in metal design who typically works in sterling silver, copper, bronze, and steel. Additionally, she has a preoccupation with engineering, mechanical toys and the discrepancy between America’s Dream of our techno-future and the actual state of it. Her latest body of work highlighted at CoCA involves the deconstruction and reinvention of toys.

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December 2017

  1. Our annual Holiday Festival of the Arts has been a Whatcom County tradition for 38 years and this year we have decided to make it even bigger! In addition to the festival taking place at 4145 Meridian Street, there will also be a showcase of fine art and craft by select Holiday Festival vendors at our gallery downtown. This is a great opportunity to see larger original and showpiece works by some of our wonderful vendors.

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  2. Next Fest NW is Velocity’s new works series celebrating what’s happening in contemporary dance, movement-based performance and dance cinema in the region. Next Fest NW was established to support new work and investigate different approaches to dance. Through Next Fest NW, Velocity aims to foster a robust community where artists have access to facilities, support and creative exchange.

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