$250,000 Now Disbursed from The COVID-19 Artist Trust Relief Fund!

Published: April 10, 2020

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Artwork detail: June Sekiguchi, 2015 Fellowship recipient

“Thank you doesn’t begin to express how I feel right now, but I can honestly say that I would not be standing here, as an artist, without your support.” – Anonymous COVID-19 Artist Trust Relief Fund Recipient  

On Friday, April 10, Artist Trust disbursed an additional $50,000 from The COVID-19 Artist Trust Relief Fund directly to Washington State artists facing financial crisisSince the launch of the Fund on March 27, 125 artists of all disciplines have now received a total of $250,000. For working artists in Washington State, COVID-19 related income loss was immediate and severe. Our goal is to distribute funding weekly throughout this triage period of crisis and to stay with artists through sustained relief, recovery, and rebuilding. If you’re an artist in need, here is how to apply. 

The Need is Growing Artists’ need for direct financial relief is immense. In just three weeks, Artist Trust has received over 1,700 artist applications for COVID-19 related support, totaling over $3.5 million. Artists’ needs for financial support and resources are already critical, and this need will continue to grow. Our small but mighty team is working around the clock to review applications and respond to artists.    

Our Work Continues In addition to providing financial support for artists, Artist Trust is continuing to build COVID-19 related resources and community with artists. On Friday, April 10 Artist Trust is presenting an online workshop in partnership with Washington Filmworks to help artists and creatives navigate unemployment benefits. More such artist support workshops and conversations are in the works, and Artist Trust will continue to bring information, resources, and opportunities to artists throughout this crisis. Washington State artists in need of resources and support can find more information at https://artisttrust.org/covid-19-response/.    

Our Network of Supporters Since the launch of these programs, nearly 300 individuals and community partners have donated to Artist Trust’s efforts. Over 30% of these donors are artists themselves. For a full list of donors, visit: https://artisttrust.org/thank-you-to-our-covid-19-artist-trust-relief-fund-supporters/, and watch our blog, Facebook, and Instagram for their stories of support. 

Join Us Now Support for Artist Trust’s COVID-19 relief efforts must continue to grow so we can continue to stand with artists during this crisis. Artist Trust is building a coalition of individuals, foundations, and community partners to support Washington State artists now, and we invite you to join us. Visit artisttrust.org/donate to join us now.   

Thank you for everything you do as a member of the Artist Trust community. We could not do this work without you.