“Artist Trust has the opportunity to make real, meaningful changes to become a more equitable organization.”

Published: November 27, 2020

Categories: Fall Campaign | Featured

As part of our end of year campaign, you’ve been hearing from Artist Trust staff & board about their work, the lessons they’ve learned this year, what they hope for in 2021, and their vision for a stronger Artist Trust.

Next up: Justine Deacon, Annual Fund & Events Manager. Read her interview below and support Artist Trust at artisttrust.org/donate.






What is your role at Artist Trust and what do you enjoy about it? 

I am the Annual Fund & Events Manager and have been working at Artist Trust since 2018 (originally as the Auction Intern and later as the Development Coordinator). As Leslie Knope once said, “The best prize life has to offer is a chance to work hard at work worth doing.” What I enjoy most about working at Artist Trust is knowing that the work we do is important and meaningful for artists throughout Washington State. As a fundraiser, I love finding different ways to connect our supporters with artists, and collaborating and problem-solving with the whole Artist Trust team.

How are you involved in the arts?

These days I’m mostly involved in the arts as a patron and supporter. I love when I can be a couch potato and read, watch movies, or play video games. Prior to moving to Washington from California in 2015, I was heavily involved in theater as a stage manager and as an administrator for various grassroots theater groups.

What has 2020 taught you both personally and professionally?

2020 has taught me to hold those I care about close to me (even if that means virtually) and the importance of community. Living states away from my loved ones during this pandemic has been incredibly difficult, but this year has also taught me that I can’t take care of others without taking care of myself, too. Professionally, 2020 has emphasized the importance of transparency, empathy, and collaboration, and I’ve learned to be unafraid of speaking up for myself and others.

How will you carry those lessons into 2021?

Going into another unpredictable year, I know it’ll be important to be flexible and open to change, and I will use the values of transparency, empathy, collaboration, and community as a guide.

What excites you about what you’ve learned/the changes Artist Trust has made/will make?

Artist Trust has the opportunity to make real, meaningful changes to become a more equitable organization. Working and living during a pandemic with a team of only seven staff members forced us to take a hard look at the work we do and figure out how we can better serve artists amidst chaos. I am excited to work with our community to reimagine what Artist Trust will look like going into a new year and what Artist Trust of the future will look like, too.

What is your vision for a stronger Artist Trust?

A shared leadership model prioritizing BIPOC and artist voices and staying true to our mission.