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Cheryll Leo-Gwin

County: King County




GAP Award 2014
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Cheryll Leo-Gwin was born in Canada, to a third generation Chinese American father and a second generation Chinese Canadian mother. She was raised in Seattle with her younger bother and older sister. Cheryll studied metal design at the University of Washington where she earned her Bachelors of Fine Art in 1975, and her Masters of Fine Art in 1977.

Cheryll received a 2014 GAP for an opportunity with a professional printer to experiment with papers and digital printing to create over-sized work. Her work pulls deeply on her collection of oral histories of Chinese women who lived during the Cultural Revolution in China and of Chinese women in America who experienced the US Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882-1943. These historic events in both countries have been hidden or buried. In order to call attention to these histories, she has been creating paintings which she intends to make into large-scale prints for exhibition in both countries. She has been invited to exhibit in Beijing.

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