Announcing the 2022 Grants for Artists’ Progress (GAP) Recipients!

Published: December 8, 2022

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We are proud to announce the recipients of the 2022 Grants for Artists’ Progress (GAP)! A total of $97,500 will be directly invested in 65 Washington State artists through unrestricted project-based grants of $1,500 each. Congratulations to this amazing cohort of artists from across the state!

“We are thrilled to have increased our reach to artists from every corner of Washington State through this year’s GAP program,” said Mariella Luz, Artist Trust’s Board President. “These 65 brilliant artists are only a small reflection of their creative communities, and we hope this funding helps them continue expanding their inspiring work.”

This year’s recipients represent the most geographically diverse GAP cohort in the award’s 33-year history, with funding reaching artists living and working across all of Washington State! Over half of the awards were distributed to artists working in rural areas, including counties never-before reached through our GAP program.

Okanogan visual artist Salyna Gracie shared that “as an artist living in a rural, underserved community east of the North Cascades, there are inevitably less resources and opportunities for working artists. I am so grateful that Artist Trust has targeted communities like mine and made the GAP opportunity more equitable for all WA state artists, not just those in urban areas. This grant gives me a much-need boost to expand my creative practice and grow as an artist, even from my tiny perch in Twisp.”

“When I was told that I was getting this award, I was shocked and then so, so grateful,” said Chelan literary artist T.L. Timpe, “To have someone believe in you and your work is amazing, and I feel so empowered and validated, to be quite honest with you. I consider this award the start of something BIG, and it has motivated me to work even harder at my craft.”

Congratulations to the 2022 GAP Recipients!

Natasha Alphonse, Visual, King County 

Samantha Alvarez, Multidisciplinary, Yakima County 

Ally Ang, Literary, King County 

Nacala Ayele, Multidisciplinary, King County 

Janice Baker, Visual, Yakima County 

Douglas Burgess, Visual, Pierce County 

Nancy Burgess, Visual, Pierce County 

Michael Caemmerer, Performing, Chelan County 

Hana Choi, Literary, King County 

Michael Collazo, Visual, Clark County 

Seth Collier, Visual, Spokane County 

Linda Cooper, Literary, Kittitas County 

Jo Cosme, Multidisciplinary, King County 

Ryan Craig, Media, Yakima County 

Kiana Davis, Literary, King County 

Dennis DeHart, Visual, Whitman County 

Chris Dickey, Performing, Whitman County 

Jan Dove, Visual, Clallam County 

Tammie Dupuis, Visual, Kitsap County 

Denise Emerson, Visual, King County 

Ayn Gailey, Literary, San Juan County 

Maura García, Performing, Spokane County 

Al Gilliom, Performing, Mason County 

Salyna Gracie, Visual, Okanogan County 

Danielle Hayden, Literary, Snohomish County 

Denita Holmes, Visual, Kitsap County 

Kyung Hee Im, Visual, Kittitas County 

Victor Janusz, Performing, King County 

Kasey Koski, Visual, Chelan County 

Cheryll Leo-Gwin, Visual, King County 

Marina Lotus, Multidisciplinary, Pierce County 

Aaron Loving, Performing, Spokane County 

Robert McKirdie, Visual, Spokane County 

Mana Mehrabian, Visual, Whitman County 

Simeon Mills, Literary, Spokane County 

Natasha Moni, Literary, Klickitat County 

Elizabeth Montes de Oca, Visual, Yakima County 

Naoko Morisawa, Visual, Snohomish County 

Gloria Muhammad, Literary, Pierce County 

Dan Nanamkin, Multidisciplinary, Okanogan County 

Jeseul Oh, Performing, King County 

Beverly Owens, Multidisciplinary, Lewis County 

James Pakootas, Performing, Spokane County 

Shephali Patel, Performing, Lewis County 

Jessica Plumb, Media, Jefferson County 

Rubin Quarcoopome, Visual, King County 

J.R. Rhodes, Performing, King County 

Ashleigh Rogers, Visual, Benton County 

Lorna Rose, Literary, Chelan County 

Devin Sampson, Media, Yakima County 

Claire Sianna Seaman, Media, Chelan County 

Kenya Shakoor, Visual, Pierce County 

Juliet Shen, Visual, King County 

Jasmine Smith, Literary, King County 

Kathryn Smith, Literary, Spokane County 

Emily Somoskey, Visual, Walla Walla County 

T.L. Timpe, Literary, Chelan County 

Po-Yan Tsang, Visual, King County 

Emily Van Kley, Multidisciplinary, Thurston County 

Hannah Viano, Visual, Okanogan County 

Robert Wade, Visual, King County 

Rene Westbrook, Visual, Thurston County 

Lisbeth White, Literary, Jefferson County 

Er Zhang, Performing, Thurston County 

Parmida Ziaei, Performing, King County 

The 2022 Grants for Artists’ Progress (GAP) program was created in response to feedback from Washington’s artist community, in collaboration with national and statewide partners, Artist Trust’s Strategic Vision and Racial Equity Committees, Board of Trustees, and staff. With this new iteration of GAP, we saw an opportunity to widen support of artists of all backgrounds living in areas of Washington State. Through conversations with artists, we learned of the need to build more genuine connections across the state, especially with BIPOC and rural artists. Artists also expressed that they wanted their initiatives and creative projects to be the driving factor of the process. As a result, eligibility for this year’s GAP used an intersectional approach with the goal to reach artists working in all disciplines across Washington State, with specific focus on artists who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) within King County. 2022 GAP was adjudicated and distributed regionally, with recipients from West, North Central, South Central, East, and Puget Sound (outside of King County), and BIPOC recipients within King County.

“I am so grateful and honored to be one of the recipients of the GAP award,” said Kittitas visual artist Kyung Hee Im, “This award will help me to build my confidence as an artist. Also, this will motivate me to push harder to create artworks that I can share with communities and make me a worthy person as an artist and an educator.”

2022 GAP Selection Panelists

Camas Logue, Swinomish Nation/Skagit County 

H.R. Emi, Yakima County 

Betania, Chelan County 

Cristina Romento, Jefferson County 

Sharma Shields, Spokane County

Thank you to our 2022 GAP artist focus group (Syd Arrojo, H.R. Emi, Shantell Jackson, Io Palmer, and Tamiko Nimura) and to thought partners in Artist Trust’s Strategic Vision and Racial Equity committees.

This work was made possible thanks to generous support from Warner Media, funded by AT&T, along with Artist Trust’s individual donor community. No public dollars were used to fund this program.

About Artist Trust 

Artist Trust is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to support and encourage individual artists working in all disciplines to enrich community life throughout Washington State. Since its founding in 1986, Artist Trust has invested more than $15 million in individual artists through its grants and professional-development programs. As a fundraising organization, Artist Trust relies on numerous individuals and community partners to make its support for artists possible each year. Learn more at

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