Lorna Rose

County: Chelan County

Website: http://lornarose.com



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Lorna is a poet and narrative nonfiction writer and speaker exploring themes of motherhood and neurodiversity, as well as healing from intergenerational trauma and sociopathic abuse. Her work has been recognized by Pacific Northwest Writers Association and the Oregon Poetry Association, and has appeared or is forthcoming in Painted Bride Quarterly, Jellyfish Review, About Place Journal, Writers Resist, and elsewhere. Lorna also speaks publicly on motherhood, resilience, and her experience in AmeriCorps. Because she joins boards to procrastinate on deadlines, she serves as a Director of the Oregon Poetry Association and of the Alaska Writers Guild, and is President of Write On The River (based in Wenatchee). Lorna is at work on a memoir about going from LA party girl to trail worker in rural Alaska. When not wrangling her two small children, she fantasizes about being interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air.

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