Ryan Craig

County: Yakima County



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Ryan H. Craig is an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation. The 40 year old father of 3 is currently serving as a multi-media specialist with the Yakama Nation. Craig has an associates degree in radio broadcasting from Clover Park Technical College. After hosting a radio program from 2005 to 2019, Craig began serving as a layout/reporter/photographer for the Yakama Nation Review newspaper. In 2021 Craig was awarded best sports story in the small publication category in the Native American Journalist Association award banquet. Craig is also an independent filmmaker who has seen his work featured in film festivals in California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Illinois. Some of his short film writer/director credits include Guardian Ancestor (2018), You Love Who You Love (2019) and Tough Love (2022). Since September of 2022, Craig has volunteered 4 hours a week with the White Swan High School to teach a class on multi-media communications. Craig teaches students from 9th-12th grade about photography, journalism, filmmaking and radio interviewing. Craig is also the baseball coach at Mount Adams Middle School and the head basketball coach at White Swan High School.