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Samantha Alvarez

County: Yakima County




Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) 2022
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Samantha Alvarez is an interdisciplinary artist that is actively learning different art forms, skills, and techniques. First and foremost a film photographer, she captures fantastic and cinematic dreamscapes on 35mm film. Using animation, digital editing, and illustration: her artworks feature ethereal themes, texture, Lovecraftian horror, and self portraits. She fully immerses herself by developing, scanning, editing, and screen printing her pieces.

Samantha has spent most of her time in South-Central Washington and holds a BS in Zoology from Washington State University. This holds reason for her fascination of skeletal forms that can be found in many of her pieces. As a graduate during COVID lockdown, she spent her free time illustrating and manipulating photographs taken from all over Washington. These places include: Seattle, Richland, Cowiche, Elma, Yakima, and Pullman. Travel has always been essential in Samantha’s ambitious process: creating as she explores. After COVID lockdown she travelled to 3 different places all varying in culture, diversity, and biome. In New York, she overwhelmingly experienced sonder and translated it into “The Shining” and “The Holograms.” In the Yucatán she discovered vivid history and architecture and combined it with texture and ethereality in “Eye in the Sky.” Lastly, in Hawaii Samantha was met by abundant life, movement, and family.

Currently, Samantha volunteers at The Boxx Gallery in Tieton Washington interviewing artists including Leo Adams, Michelle Wyles, and Sara Gettys with fellow photographer and mentor, Arturo Solorio.

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