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Kenya Shakoor

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Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) 2022
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Kenya Shakoor is a proud resident of her hometown, Tacoma, Washington. She began her photographic journey by watching youtube videos to learn the elements of photography. She considers herself a caretaker of Black women’s imagery. The common themes in her work include vulnerability, intimacy, and community. Kenya held her debut exhibition “Dreaming in Black” in 2019. The exhibition was an ode to the awe-inspiring softness, grace, and regality, so intrinsic to Black life despite everyday challenges. This year, Kenya presented an original workshop at Tacoma Art Museum entitled “Framing Portraiture as an Act of Love”, exhibited a new photo series at Wa Na Wari’s Walk the Block, and was named as a finalist for The Current, an artist award from Tacoma Art Museum. Kenya is committed to visual storytelling that facilitates conversation and expands our collective imagery.

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