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Jeseul (오제슬) is a songwriter and multi-disciplinary artist born and raised in Seattle, WA. Putting on his unused Korean name, Jeseul wrote/released his first public single “ㅅHOWER (sonagi)” in the spring of 2021, learning how to record/mix/master, design album art, and edit a music video from his small apartment in Capitol Hill. The single was placed on rotation on KEXP and into the top 10 releases of the year by DJ Hans from the station. Jeseul is still currently writing his own solo material along with performing around Seattle with his new band Plash who recently released their first double single “Market / SLSL”. While gathering skills for his own artistic practice, he has also begun to take photographs and live concert videos for other local musicians.  

With a value in community, yet a comfort in solitude, music in both English and Korean, expressed in varied genres, Jeseul’s music aims to be beautiful while evoking a cinematic range of emotions that exist within a slice of life. Whether in English or Korean, a name met with a red underline, Jeseul/오제슬, contemplates the worth of his soft-spoken existence as he expresses his turbulent inner dialogue through sounds/words/images, and hopes to live with kindness through it all. He struggles to write about himself in the third person. 

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