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Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) 2021
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David V35 is a self-taught freelance surrealist artist with contemporary tendencies, raised in Colima, Mexico and living in the beautiful Tri-Cities, WA. He enjoys traveling around the great PNW to find inspiration.

David works with a variety of mediums that includes Watercolor, Oils, Ink and Acrylics, Clay, Digital Art and any other forms of media that he might find interesting and challenging. His works are inspired by the human condition, from science to religion, metaphysics, war, peace, music, the evil and the divine, poetry, freedom and redemption.

David has been painting since he was 8 years old and now with 17 years of experience as a professional artist; he continues to create new works in Tri-Cities, WA and beyond. After graduating from Ephrata High School in the town of Ephrata, WA. David left everything behind to pursue his life as an artist. He is also the founder of the New Art Order.

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