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Diane Rodill is a Filipina-American writer/family historian. She was born in Philadelphia and began college as a single mom at 39 with two sons. In 1984, after 7-1/2 years, Diane completed a B.S. summa cum laude and Ph.D. Then she fulfilled a 20-year dream—Peace Corps/Philippines.  

Her work has been published in Rappler, Peace Corps Worldwide, Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS), FANHS Journal, Bulletin of the Filipino American Historical Society, Alaska Historical Society (AHS), AHS Blog, Vanport Mosaic, NYC Tenement, Wing Luke and Stockton Museums, Temple University, Health & Human Services, American Red Cross and UNICEF.  

She is the recipient of multiple awards: 2022 4Culture Grant Heritage Professional Development Program, 2017 Alaska Humanities Forum grant, 2017 Mineral School Fellowship Finalist, 2016 Artist Trust Professional Development Residency, and 2012 4Culture Literary Cultural Services Grant. From her 1980s’ Peace Corps’ days, she earned a letter from the late Philippines President Corazon Aquino, thanking her for her service and vision of the Philippines.  

Diane’s pending book is literary nonfiction of her father (1894-1977). It connects the silenced history of 1890s’ Filipinos and other immigrants. Her father was seldom home as he sailed through WWI, WWII, and the Korean War. Diane’s work establishes skin color and race often limited him to the galley. She enlivens him with memoir of his influence on her and unlocks many of his secrets. Her work is of biographical, historical, and literary value. She considers this her legacy and jewel, aiming to open hearts to differences. She also plans a children’s chapbook. Diane lives and works in Seattle. 

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