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Hersson Ceballos

County: Thurston County



Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) 2023
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My name is Yersson, and I’m from Medellín, but I live in Olympia, WA. Ever since I saw a live show at my school, ‘la Republica del Japon,’ I knew I wanted to be an artist. After that show, I often remixed the songs of the moment with my own lyrics; at just 6 years old, I thought I was a superstar songwriter and artist.

Now I know it’s time to show everything I’ve worked and sacrificed so much for. Everything. My dream is to make music that you can vibe with. Not just any song, but something special. Most of my music is in Spanish, but I am working on expanding my musical palette and bringing some Spanglish to vibe with more people.

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