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Lauren Moore

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2019 Grants for Artist Projects
King County



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Quiet Tourist

Quiet Tourist

Swamp Rose at Portland Tropical

Swamp Rose at Portland Tropical

Pink Moon (Pink Moon, April 2018, Saint photo credit)

Pink Moon, April 2018. Photo: Saint

Lauren Moore creates radically soft art to soothe chronic pain. She curates inter-generational events that feature sound as a healing modality. Raised as the second youngest of nine in SC, she understands that poverty excludes people from access to medical treatment, healthy pain management, and often leads to a cycle of addiction. Lauren’s installations combine color therapy, flowers, soothing audio, and energy work. She explores boundaries by creating safe spaces to deeply notice the body’s edges. As a survivor in recovery, Lauren believes art can heal our most traumatic experiences. She believes that true strength and solidarity come from deep listening, which is her favorite art.

Lauren received 2019 GAP funding for Rest & Digest tour, which challenges touring culture to become restorative and inclusive of mentally and chronically ill artists. Social isolation is a huge challenge for her community, and by intentionally creating softer and quieter events, deeper conversations are invited to emerge.

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