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Madeline McNeill

County: Spokane County




GAP 2016
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Madeline McNeill is a singer who performs experimental and traditional opera, jazz, and chant as a solo artist and also in collaboration with dancers, electronic music producers, and digital artists. She is also a philosopher, and focuses on the body–particularly the core muscles—as the landscape for exploring philosophical questions. In 2013, she self-published a book, Is There a Soul? and has given several talks about her work, including at the National College of Natural Medicine and Eastern Washington University. She earned her BA in music at Western Washington University, and for the last three years has been making her artistic living in her hometown of Spokane where she performs music and creates philosophical work.

Madeline received 2016 GAP funding to create an electronic opera conceptualized around body philosophy. As a body philosopher, Madeline focuses on the core muscles—muscles of the torso, neck, and head—as a terrain for exploring philosophical questions. She proposes that core muscles are active and sensory drivers of human experience and includes core muscles in her equations of philosophical analysis. Within this philosophical framework, she will create an opera that asks contemplative questions about what it means to be human in a modern world.

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Image: Al Gilliom, 2022 GAP; PC: Ricky Osborne


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