Maiah Merino

County: King County



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Maiah A Merino, daughter of Humberto Saleeby Merino and Martha M Ramirez utilizes her bilingual voice to write about matters close to her heart: being a single mom, intergenerational trauma, cross-cultural issues and women’s issues. A middle-aged Chicanx Poet, mixed-genre writer and teaching artist through Path with Art and Seattle Arts & Lectures, Maiah recently published poems in In Xóxitl, in cuícatl: Flor y Canto, Antología de poesía, an international bilingual poetry anthology. She has poems forthcoming in Latinx Subjectivities: A Multi-genre Anthology, along with a creative non-fiction story in Weeping Women: The Haunting Presence of La Llorona in Mexican and Chicanx Lore. She is a 2021/22 “Writing the Land” Poet where her 3 poems will appear in “Writing the Land 2022” anthology. Her work appears in The Yellow Medicine Review, and The Raven Chronicles. Maiah shares her training as a narrative therapist to assist others in navigating and re-writing their own stories. She lives with her family y gatito in Seattle.

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