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Mekela Spence

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Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) 2023
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Mekela Spence is an artist of Jamaican and Mexican-American descent, currently based in Seattle. Having graduated from Seattle Central College School of Apparel Design and Development in 2021, Mekela is deeply invested in the realm of clothing as a form of artistic expression. Inspired by the intimate and daily interaction we have with clothing, she chose it as her medium to experiment with themes of levity, movement, and strength within softness.

Mekela’s work, originally focused on streetwear, has now evolved to encompass soft sculpture and textile manipulation. With an eye toward sustainability and mindful consumption, she aims to create pieces that are easily adjustable and adaptable to various body types. She seeks to redefine our relationship with garments, envisioning her art as objects meant to change, grow, and adapt with the wearer, challenging the current norms of the clothing industry.

With a background in design and patternmaking, her work has been featured in publications such as the Seattle Fashion Collective and Harvard FIG. Her desire to revolutionize the clothing industry and encourage a culture of sharing and sustainability drives her artistic pursuits. Through her projects, she hopes to inspire others to follow suit, and ultimately she envisions a future where clothing and art are made to last and be shared openly.

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