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Michael Sekaquaptewa

County: Yakima County



Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) 2021
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Michael Sekaquaptewa is a by-product of the Indian Relocation Act. Indian termination policies of the 1950s forced his grandparents to converge in the San Francisco Bay area. He is the synthesis of multi-tribal ancestry, rare artistic acumen, and generations of indigenous resistance.

Sekaquaptewa nearly earned his BA Degree in 2-dimensional design from Heritage University. He stopped college out of circumstance, and he refuses to return on principle. His most formative education comes from distributing zines in the late 1990s, working in independent film in the 2000s, producing community theatre in the 2010’s, and participating mutual aid and activism since before the Covid-19 Pandemic.

His career as an artist has been overshadowed by his work as mentor for youth on the Yakima Indian Reservation since 2011. Now he is emerging as an artist fit to host exhibitions of his own, apart from showcasing his peers and mentees.

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