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Miz Floes is an artistic implant into Seattle. Miz Floes is a vocalist, author, producer, playwright, actress, and Spoken Word artist. Since 2008, she has been a member of the African American Writer’s Alliance. In addition, she is a member of the Griot Party.  

Both critics and writers have described her sound as mature and steady with smooth lyrics. Her style of writing has been described as refreshing, informative, intellectual, funny and at times even sensual.  

Miz relocated to the Pacific Northwest from Illinois, in 1991. I’d grown up in an unrepresented neighborhood of inner-city Chicago. While she cherished many fond childhood memories like… the Friday Fish Fry at my aunt’s home and listening to music on summer nights with Granny Bea; Miz was no stranger to poverty or the byproducts that can impact families. She was surrounded by violence and poverty daily; she had the misfortune of being witness to, and victim of, violence and crime.  

The literary arts saved Miz. Through poetry she located an escape from the madness that surrounded her. As a woman, mother, grandmother, and member of the BIPOC community, Miz Floes uses her past experiences to build and heal. She seeks to transform pain into art and productively release it back into the community!  

Published Works:  

  • I’mStill Growing Vol. 2  
  • Kweendom 
  • SoulfulX.Pressionz 
  • Da 3rd Hour
  • Pearly Gates Jam Session
  • Royalty
  • IAin’tIn Your Shadow  
  • JazzyBluezAll Up In My Soul  
  • 4 Jazzy Soulz Her latest endeavor -PoemzFrom the Pen 

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