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Myron Curry

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Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) 2021
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Myron Curry was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. He is a self-taught artist. It was not until recently, 2015, that he was allowed to use a friend’s paints and just tried it out. The very first time he painted; he knew there was something there that came so naturally. He finds inspiration in things that in some way produce emotion; his environment, images and different experiences, things that spark interest. He finds the visual “IT” factor in moments in life. A plethora of techniques are utilized by Mr. Curry from drybrush, realism, spontaneous realism, abstract, pop, contemporary, fine art, traditional and unconventional. His style is a complete blend of these things. His world has multiplied with every new and exciting encounter. Finding ways to get involved in his community through his art has been an extremely fulfilling experience. The first Gallery he ever visited was Gallery Onyx, in 2019, which he felt an instant connection with and has had several pieces in their collective. He has also had a solo exhibit called “Reflection” at the M. Rosetta Hunter Gallery. He is constantly expanding his boundaries. He has also painted several murals, the incredible Hill House Mural project, two murals for Seattle Central College, another for Pioneer’s Aspen Terrace building to name a few. He would like his art to be an example of how creative visual images can provide positive emotional experiences conducive to the community environment. 

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