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Natasha Lumba

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Natasha Lumba is a queer, Filipino musician, artist & fashion/costume designer.

Her former band, Razor Clam (2017-2021) built a community-centered fanbase by using their platform to create spaces where women & gender non-conforming people can freely express themselves, without catering to the patriarchy or whiteness typically dominant in the music industry.

She carries those same values into her solo project, ViV Vicious, placing even greater importance on personal storytelling & lyricism, conceptual videos, and expressive, off-kilter fashion.

In her music, Natasha writes about her experiences with psychiatric hospitals & neurodivergence, the objectification & exoticism of Asian women, the unique traumas & joys of being the child of immigrant parents. Her most recent single “Glass Ceiling” (2021) is about her history with addiction.

Natasha’s musical work emphasizes image & visual expression as well. Because her childhood was filled with the alienation of never seeing herself in the media, she’s since learned the power of brazenly putting marginalized faces on screen. This was a driving force behind her first music video for ViV Vicious song “TONGUE”.

She performs in irreverent, maximalist costumes of her own design because fashion is the most instant way to make an impression. With one look, fashion can express gender, heritage & ancestry, personal values & politics, all the art you’ve ever seen, all the art you wish to create, where you’ve been & where you’re going.

Natasha is currently working on a full-length ViV Vicious album, a music video for “Glass Ceiling”, and her one-of-a-kind fashion line under the moniker Clutteris Bits.

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