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Renee Adams

County: Kittitas County




GAP 2008, 2011
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Renee Adams will be traveling to Wyoming in mid-January to spend one month focusing entirely on the creation of new work. She received 2011 GAP Award funding to cover her travel expenses to and from the location of the residency, shipping expenses for sending supplies there and artwork back home, and some funds to assist with the loss of work income while she is away.

Renee received 2008 GAP Award funding to create new work for upcoming exhibitions at Swarm Gallery in Oakland, Punch Gallery in Seattle, and the Kirkland Arts Center. Over the past several years, Renee has been developing a series of biologically inspired mixed-media sculptures. The sculptures, often-depicting plant/animal hybrids, draw inspiration from German biologist Ernst Haeckel. “These works question society’s ideals of beauty while considering our manipulation of nature and ourselves for personal pleasure or gain.”

Renee also received a 2000 GAP Award from Artist Trust.

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