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Sienna Dawn

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2019 Grants for Artist Projects
King County



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Panoramic Painting, What the Festival Art Installation, PVC/Canvas/Paint, 2014-2017. Photo: Daniel Zetterstrom

Live Painting Living Prism Event PDX, Acrylic on Canvas, 2019

Magenta Vista, Acrylic On Canvas, 48"x60", 2018

As a Montana native, Sienna has danced though life from one small city to a larger. In 2009, she was held captive by the underground art world that existed in Seattle. Nurtured by music and expression, Sienna spent many years working through live & studio painting in and around the PNW, as well as supporting local businesses and other members of the community through her graphic design expertise. She was given the opportunity to learn the art of event direction and production while engaged with her company Starborne Shows and the Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival. In addition, Sienna has held the roll of curator of Gallery AXIS Pioneer Square since 2017 where she is proud to host monthly art walks exploring all modalities of expression within the creativity of other artists. Albeit all wonderful, she is very excited to try a new modality of her own art that merges her love of tactile art with performance in the celebratory environment. She aims to use this new multi-faceted and innovative installation to collaborate more deeply with the rich artistic community of Seattle, and as an artful offering in her travels beyond.

Sienna received 2019 GAP Award funding to create a live art, crystal projection installation, that will allow many of her creative expressions to come together in an inventive way. This grant offers her the funding and capability to build and purchase a fully functioning projection system and live art kit that she can use to deliver a live art performance anywhere.

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