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T.L. Timpe

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Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) 2022
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T.L. Timpe is a novelist and visual artist. T.L. Timpe was born and raised in the Pacific NW and has called the same her home for most of her adult life. As a child, Ms. Timpe was artistic and had the temper to go along with that, but never fostered either one. Five grown children and how many years later (she won’t tell us), T.L. decided to try her hand at writing. Her book, Odolmorea, was published in 2020. She is working on her second novel as of this writing. She has worked for the same technical firm for 39 years, 12 of those years concurrently as a Global Campus faculty member for Washington State University. Ms. Timpe has a certificate in accessibility training for online studies and is a Washington State Notary Public. Ms. Timpe is a showing artist at Two Rivers Gallery in Wenatchee, Washington, and serves as a Board Member and Treasurer. T.L. Timpe is an active member of several service organizations in the NCW area. Ms. Timpe truly believes that there isn’t anything a person can’t do given determination, stamina, and a sense of humor, and she has been through many diverse experiences in her lifetime. This diversity comes through in her writing. Many of the side stories and character development strategies that she has employed in her novels are from her own experiences, which makes the stories feel more real and authentic, adding a richness and depth that a person can get lost in.

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