Wes Kim

County: King County

Website: http://www.weskim.com



Grants for Artist Projects 2003
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Wes Kim received a 2003 GAP to finance various aspects related to the production of Receiver, including camera and lighting rental, film stock, crew stipends, processing, HD transfers, postproduction, and film prints. Receiver is a short film that will be shot in super-16 format in or near Seattle, and transferred to HD video for finishing. In the script, written by Kim, the protagonist has the ability to hear other people’s thoughts. Kim emphasizes that, “this ability is not depicted in a simplistic or exploitative way. Rather, it is used as a metaphor for the protagonist’s sensitivity to the emotions of the people around him and the choice he makes between shutting himself off from the society and opening himself up to the risks and rewards of making connections with others.”

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