GiveBIG Artist Spotlight – Jiemei Lin

Published: May 4, 2021

Categories: Featured | Spring Campaign

This GiveBIG, we’re raising funds in celebration of the resilience of artists. As we look to the future, we know that with your support, we can help artists continue to lead the way. Donate here

Today we’re hearing from Pullman artist Jiemei Lin. Jiemei is an illustrator and muralist and was one of 16 artists of color chosen by Terrain to create the Black Lives Matter mural in Spokane. When that mural was vandalized, Jiemei went to work sharing appeals for funding on social media to repair the mural and pay for a special protective coating to shield the entire piece from future defacement.

She’s also organizing a mural in Pullman in support of the Black Lives Matter movement through her nonprofit, Pullman Arts Foundation.
Jiemei and her work moves us and reminds us of the tenacity of artists. We spoke to her about what has inspired her during this time, how she’s changed, and what support she feels artists and artist communities need, now and in the future.

On the resilience of artists and what has inspired her:
“I see artists as a group of people who predicts the future by exploring possibilities. Many artists may look resilient during the pandemic because we are not afraid of changes. I’ve been inspired by curiosity, wonder, and empathy – not only from me but everyone else.”

How she’s different from a year ago:
“A year ago, I started my first solo large-sized outdoor mural; now I have three and preparing for another one. I just started my art non-profit in Pullman, WA, called Pullman Arts Foundation. Our goal is to transfer our college town through public art and art events, creating a more fresh, diverse, and welcoming culture for everyone in the city.”

What support artists and artist communities need:
As BIPOC artists, we need more opportunities to feature our stories. A lot of BIPOC artists may not in a good place with enough financial support. Another need I am looking forward to is more art residency opportunities that are family-friendly. My partner and I are artists, and it is tough for either of us to have a residency solo and leave another one parenting solo.”

Why it’s important to support Artist Trust:
“Artist Trust has been organizing the best resources for artists from Washington state. Groups like Artist Trust make Washington state from the Seattle area to the Palouse a very healthy and developing habitat for artists and creative people. Creativity and art make Washington a better state. We are proud of our home.