“I see current pleas for social and economic justice for all are still not resolved and long overdue.”

Published: December 8, 2020

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Marge Levy has worn many hats: ceramic artist, art professor, arts administrator, and Artist Trust Board Member. As part of our annual end of year fundraising campaign, she spoke with us about digging deep, listening carefully, and celebrating change. Read more below and support Artist Trust at artisttrust.org/donate/.

What is your role at Artist Trust and what do you enjoy about it? 

Protect and serve best describes my role in Artist Trust, where I work to protect artists, creators, makers, and thinkers in all of the arts. I serve on the Board and the Stewardship Committee to bring resources and thus direct support and educational opportunities to artists. I’m also a shepherd of SOLA, Support Old Lady Artists, an award founded by Ginny Ruffner that now is in the Artist Trust pasture.

How are you involved in the arts?

I’ve had a lifetime involvement with the arts as a ceramic artist, art professor, museum docent, art and academic administrator, and fundraiser. I have been on many boards, always in the arts, local and national. Right now I am only on the Artist Trust board so I can devote energy there.

What has 2020 taught you both personally and professionally?

I have learned to dig deep and listen carefully to voices loud and soft from those I know and those I am just coming to know. I’ve lived a long time during many challenging times, in terms of ideology and justice. Some complexities were resolved, I thought, but I see current pleas for social and economic justice for all are still not resolved and long overdue.

How will you carry those lessons into 2021?

I feel like I did when my cataracts were removed a few years ago. My vision is brighter and focusing is easier. I have no plans to reinstall the cataracts and many plans to see the arts and the community with more clarity and light.

What excites you about what you’ve learned/the changes Artist Trust has made or will make?

The Artist Trust staff are smart, hardworking and a great resource for the organization and artists. As organizational leadership evolves in terms of roles and responsibility, I see staff as leaders in that process. (I love change.) The Artist Trust Board is smart and passionate too. Responsive and proactive’ a good balance.

What is your vision for a stronger Artist Trust?

As a funding organization, I see Artist Trust getting more strategic and developing an active program based on legacy giving for major gifts. Many supporters and artists have acquired assets in their lifetime and leaving them to Artist Trust is a great way to pass on the legacy of TRUST in artists’ visions and well as faith that future generations of artists will be TRUSTED to be the canaries in our complex social systems.