Kudos Freya Wormus & Katy Hannigan

Published: October 26, 2018

Categories: Board & Staff

This week we said farewell to Finance Manager Freya Wormus and Program Manager Katy Hannigan. Read on to learn more about their favorite Artist Trust memories, what’s next, and more.

How long have you both been at Artist Trust?
Freya: I was hired in 2000, but I left for about four years when my son was little. I came back once he was in school all day and have been here ever since!
Katy: Three years, almost to the day! My last day is October 24, 2018, while my first was October 22, 2015… whoa!

What is your most memorable moment at Artist Trust?
Katy: Easily AT’s 30th Birthday Party at V2 in 2016. We installed a complicated group show in a strange warehouse and then had an enormous party! Working on that project was unforgettable – rolling a giant piece of art from AT’s office to V2 on a dolly with a bunch of people, late nights making sure the space was perfect, slicing 20 lbs of cheese with a guitar string, and some mishaps that I’ll take to the grave. It was definitely a learning experience!
Freya: There are SO many, I can’t possibly come up with one! Since we’re about to start gearing up for the 2019 auction I’ll tell you a favorite auction moment. One year as guests donated money to fund our programs, we had artists fill the stage to represent all the artists we were going to be able to support in the following year. As more people raised their numbers to give, the stage became absolutely packed with artists. Then, as the auctioneer reached the end of the ask, a donor said he’d match whatever else was pledged that night. In that one moment, I think every person in the room raised their bid card – including all the artists on the stage. It was really powerful to see all the support out there for this amazing organization.

What will you miss most?
Freya: Working with the incredible staff team, especially under Shannon’s leadership. They are a wonderful, supportive, hardworking, fun group of people.
Katy: A list:
i. Exploring different creative communities around Washington
ii. Working with artists! One-on-one chats, teaching workshops, meeting at events. Artists are the best.
iii. Office dogs, duh
iv. Team AT & our dream office culture
v. Lunch Club, also duh

What’s next for you?
Katy: I’m off to work with the finance and admin team at MOHAI! A big shift that’ll bring some new challenges and a fresh professional focus.
Freya: I’m about to begin my final year of law school and will spend the year getting some work experience in the field including working part-time as a law clerk.