Hear from Executive Director Kristina Goetz about our new Strategic Framework!

Published: October 26, 2023

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Artist Trust's logo with text that reads 2023 to 2026 Strategic Framework on a pastel background

Introducing Artist Trust’s 2023-2026 Strategic Framework!

Designed to be responsive, forward-thinking, flexible, and grounded in our values, this Framework will guide Artist Trust’s work through 2026. It called for us to revisit our mission statement, create Artist Trust’s first-ever vision statement, and encourage us to build the relationships, resources, culture, and infrastructure necessary to make this happen. See the full framework here.

Read on to hear from Artist Trust’s Executive Director Kristina Goetz about the process of creating our Strategic Framework and how this will guide Artist Trust’s future work!

I am proud to introduce Artist Trust’s new Strategic Framework! The document we released today is the result of our community’s collective learning. Over the past year, more than one hundred members of the Artist Trust community, including artists, partners, staff, committee members, and current and former members of our Board of Trustees, participated in focus groups, conversations, program evaluation, and surveys!  

The ideas within the framework are hard won, the result of work, determination, countless conversations, laughter, and tears. The strategies it contains are not fixed. As a learning organization with artists at the center, we know that things may have to change as we move forward. We are up for it. We are excited! 

After three years of compounded crises, this Strategic Framework comes at a critical time for Washington State artists and Artist Trust. We need artists to help us imagine a future that centers creativity, equity, well-being, and joy. Yet for this to happen, life as an artist must become more sustainable and equitable. With our framework as a guide, we will provide not only programs and unrestricted dollars for artists, but we will build the collective will it takes to create a bright future where artists are valued.

Thank you for your partnership in making this work happen. Please take some time to read Artist Trust’s new Strategic Framework and join us as we continue our journey to support artists across Washington State! 


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