Meet Your Workshop Instructor: Valerie Moseley

Published: January 25, 2018

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On February 7, Valerie Moseley will be leading Tax Prep for Artists at Hiawatha Lofts, Seattle. The workshop is SOLD OUT but we hope to add more workshops on tax preparation for artists. Email Zach at to be added to the wait list.

Valerie Moseley, CPA is the founder and principal of Moseley & Associates LLC, a tax and business consulting firm serving individuals and small businesses in the Seattle area. She first discovered her passion for accounting while helping her friends with their taxes, and continues to mentor others on financial literacy and tax preparation both through her work at Moseley & Associates and as a volunteer with the Small Business Administration and the Washington State Society of CPAs.

On Saturday, February 7, Valerie will be leading Tax Prep for Artists, a workshop on tax preparation and other business best practices for artists at Hiawatha Lofts in Seattle. I recently caught up with her to learn more about her work and some of the challenges artists may face when preparing their taxes.

How, if at all, does tax prep differ from other professions?
Tax preparation in general is a pretty high-pressure business. We deal with important deadlines and complex laws that are constantly changing. When people come to us, they come with a lot of stress and, honestly, sometimes baggage about their financial lives. And, let’s face it, financial lives are really just an aspect of a full life. We’re not just pencil-pushers; we have to be attentive to the nuances of each situation – so we have to be good at the left and right brain stuff.

I read that you’re a former Treasurer of Washington Lawyers for the Arts and Ear to the Ground. How did you first get interested in working with artists/arts organizations?
I have a background in music, dance, and theatre. When I shifted over to being a tax and accounting pro, it seemed like a natural extension to reach back out to my old community and pitch in.

How did you get involved with Artist Trust?
Actually, I live just down the street from Artist Trust so I feel like I’ve always known about the organization. I am a former Treasurer of Washington Lawyers for the Arts (WLA), and the two organizations have had some cross-pollination in the past, for sure. I think my most recent connection must have come through WLA.

What are some challenges artists may have when preparing their taxes?
Income that comes from a W2-wage job and income that comes from a 1099-contractor job and their related deductions need to be treated differently. There is a lot of confusion about which is which and what is what. Here in Washington, B&O tax in the mix can confuse folks, too. The timing of some of those deductions can also be a challenge. Oh, and don’t forget self-employment tax!

What are some of your favorite kinds of art?
I’m a pretty big theatre nerd, but I love dance, too. I can kill a nice afternoon at the Frye or SAM.

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