POBA: Concierge Services

POBA Concierge Services
Find Expert, Customized Help to Manage, Preserve and Promote A Creative Legacy or Collection. The heart of POBA’s mission is to keep creative legacies and collections alive.  POBA Concierge is here to help you find customized, best-in-class assistance  to get your creative works in all fields organized, preserved, digitized, displayed, appraised, completed, marketed, sold, andmore. The POBA Concierge can:

  • Assist you at any stage in the process or we can take you through the entire process
  • Help you with a single work or an entire collection, and in virtually any medium or genre
  • Match your needs with our expert resources to get you the assistance you need
  • Screen, arrange, negotiate, and/or oversee the concierge services you request, and do so on a fee structure and timeline you pre-approve.

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