Zinc Insurance For Artists

County: All

Topic: Property, Liability & Special Event Insurance


Zinc Insurance for Artists | National
For you, as individual artists and craft artists purchasing coverage, the policy extends liability insurance at your home or studio premises and at exhibition sites. Further, it provides full product liability coverage for items you have sold.

The business property portion of the policy offers coverage usually excluded by your homeowner policy. It protects your own equipment, supplies and finished work on an “all risk” basis. This means that unless the circumstance of loss or damage is excluded, it is automatically insured. Typical exclusions include but are not limited to: wear, tear or gradual deterioration, unexplained disappearance, inventory shortage, or employee dishonesty.*

You can also watch a webinar below hosted by CERF+ The Artists Safety Net talking with Founder of Zinc Insurance Seth Zaremba as they discuss the different types of insurance that can benefit visual artists and answers some common questions to help you protect your art, assets and career.

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