Supporting Artists During COVID-19

Published: March 12, 2020

Categories: COVID-19 | Resources

So many individuals and organizations, including Artist Trust, are working hard to maintain support for artists during this difficult time of COVID-19. We are inspired by all that has been done to assist our artistic communities! If you’re looking for a way to help, we’ve gathered some ideas on how you can join us:


  • If you have tickets to a canceled event or are avoiding public spaces, consider donating the price of a ticket to the artists involved, instead of asking for a refund
  • Buy art, music, or books online directly from the artist selling their work
  • Share posts about artist-centric fundraisers, resources, and other support to help create a wider audience
  • Consider donating to artists – through organizations, fundraisers, or directly to an individual
  • Reach out to artist friends to see how they are doing – emotional support is also important
  • Remember to always tip service workers in theaters, museum cafés, music venues etc.
  • Encourage friends or family who are working from home or self-quarantining to read something by your favorite local author
  • Follow artists on social media and share their work
  • Buy albums or merch from your favorite local bands and request their songs on radio stations
  • Share resources for artists – we have an ongoing list you can refer to