Thank You GiveBIG Donors!

Published: May 7, 2020

Categories: Donors | Featured

Thank you to the 130 individuals that stepped up to support Washington State artists during #GivingTuesdayNow and GiveBIG! Thanks to you, nearly $20,000 was raised to benefit our COVID-19 relief efforts. We are blown away by this generosity. To learn more about our work during the COVID-19 crisis, visit us here.

Thank you to the following donors: 

Douglas Adams
Kim Atkinson
Elizabeth Austen
Marc Avni
Claudia Bach
Sarah Banks
Rebecca Barnett
John Berg and Robert Roth
Amy Billharz
Wally and Julie Bivins
Joel Bodansky
Lonnie Johns-Brown
Cris Bruch and Allison South
Bill Buchan
Lisa Buchanan
Justin Burgess
Chad Caron
Margie Carter and Jeanne Hunt
Richard Coates
Chris Cole
Lynne Conrad Marvet
Sharon Cumberland
Dottie Delaney
Lou-Chuck F. Donaldson
Deirdre Doyle
Michael Dzyban
Daniel Fair
Tory Franklin
Rick Freedman
Jill Freidberg
Susan Gans
Eliza Ghitis
Kristin and Paul Gillespie
Rebecca Goldberg
Molly Guest
Susan Hamilton and Timothy Bates
Laura Haroldson
Erin Hawley
Bray Hayden and Shawn Kemna
Jeffrey Hedgepeth
John Helde
Michael Hintze
Leslie and John Hoge
Kim Holloway
Soo Hong
Peter Jabin
Kurt Kiefer and Mary Williamson
Penny Hinke and Daniel Kirschen
Kevin Korver
Helen Kwak
Larry Laurence
Christine Lewis
Mariella Luz and Michael Elvin
Talia Toni Marcus and Ivan Neaigus
Cameron Mason and Alan Wenokur
Mary-K and Douglas McCoy
Fidelma McGinn
Caitlin McKenna
David Gloger and Meegan McKiernan
Polly Meyer and Joel Reiter
Rob Wiseman and Sarah Michael
Rachel Millard
Jen Mills and Barb Biondo
Janet Varon and Eduardo Munoz
Mark Nakagawa
David Natale
Alan Newberg
Kate Newman
Nicholas Nyland
Maren Oates
Jan Peterson
Paul Philion
Missy and Doug Reston
Jim Pridgeon
Jason Puccinelli
Vadieh Rahmani
Kathryn Rathke
Paula Riggert
Daniel Rosenthal
LouAnn Schiaffino Kaehler
Gautam and Ira Sengupta
Alison Shigaki
Michael Sousa
Marc Stiles
Christian Swenson and Abigail Halperin
Caroline Tobin
Lincoln Uyeda
Andy and Archie Valdez-Pape
Dustin VandeHoef
Deb Waldal Smith
Darwin Nordin and Rebecca Watson
Lynne White
Tracey Wickersham
Connie Yun and Jay McAleer