Thank you to our 2018 GiveBIG donors!

Published: May 10, 2018

Categories: Donors | Spring Campaign

This year, we raised an incredible $15,110 during GiveBIG 2018, funding 10 Grants for Artist Projects! We are so grateful to each and every one of these donors for making the last GiveBIG a great one in support of Washington artists, and a special thank you to our incredible Board of Trustees and friends for their contributions to this year’s matching pool!

Anonymous (In Memory of Alan Ralph McAdam)
Claudia Bach
Christine Abrass*
Tom Bayley
Wally and Julie Bivins
Antonia Blume
Maxine Burns
Jennifer Campbell
Craig Campbell
Nancy Chang* (In Honor of Shannon Halberstadt)
Juli Cook*
Barbara Courtney
David and Sue Danielson
Robin Dearling
Dottie Delaney
Kimberly and Justin Dennis
Emily Dennis
Wayne Dodge
Cora Edmonds
Stephanie Ellis-Smith*
Robert Flor
Rick Freedman
Cristina Friday
Cezanne Garcia*
Amanda Gemmill
Jason Gerend
Global Artists Collective
David Gloger
Kristina Goetz
Joel Grow
Karen Guzak
Shannon Halberstadt
Katy Hannigan
Heather Joy Helbach-Olds*
Lloyd E Herman
Lisa Jaret
Eirik Johnson
Lee Klastorin
Susan Kunimatsu
Gar and Barbara LaSalle*
Larry Laurence
Carol Levin
Leonard Lewicki*
Joyce Liao
John Lucas
Mariella Luz*
Roger MacPherson
J.W. Marshall
Fidelma McGinn
Maya and Travis Mendoza Exstrom
Mendoza Law Center PLLC
Polly Meyer and Joel Reiter
Dr. Quinton and Dr. Thomas Morris
Nicholas Nyland
Byron Olson*
Mark Olthoff*
Patricia S Parrent
Matthew Phelps
James Pridgeon
Paula Riggert
Lillian Ryan
Beth Sellars
Gautam Sengupta
Ray and Kim Shine
Ann and Steven Shure
Eva Skold Westerlind
Darby Smith (In Honor of Sonja and Cristina)
Sheila Sondik and Paul Sarvasy
Joannie Stangeland
Nicole Stellner and Peter Eberhardy*
Asia Tail
Stefanie Terasaki
Sarah Traver*
Tanya Trejo*
Robert Tull*
Daniel and Loretta Turner
Lorraine Vagner*
Andy Valdez-Pape
Steve Veatch
Kate Vrijmoet
Susan Wagner*
Rebecca Watson
Charlotte Watts (In Honor of Women Photographers)
Lynne White

*Matching pool donor