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Allison Hyde

Allison Hyde Profile Photo
2017 GAP Award
Pierce County



Traces and Transformations, graphite rubbings from old wood floor on mulberry paper, 2016. Alison Hyde.

Fragile, mixed Media installation in collaboration with Sabrina Casadei, 192 x 120 x 96", 2014. Courtesy of the artist.

Memento Mori: Memory and Memorial, serigraphy on gampi silk tissue paper and lights, 2013. Alison Hyde.

Phoenix, burned furniture, gold leaf, wood, water, 144 x 84 x 120", 2015. Alison Hyde.

Allison Hyde is an artist, curator, arts educator and administrator. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a MFA in 2011, is the president of Watershed Arts, a non-profit arts organization in Eugene, Oregon, and is currently working as the arts coordinator for the City of Auburn. Hyde recently returned from one year spent traveling and attending artist residencies in Europe, which was an incredible source of inspiration and ideas for her art practice. Whether using found objects, photographs, printmaking, or installation spaces, her work seeks to evoke ideas of loss, memory, identity, and desire. She believes that architecture and objects embody a beauty in the marks of time passing, speak quietly about human experience, and intimately personify our identities in an unparalleled way.

Alison received 2017 GAP Award funding to create an immersive installation in which architectural wood wall structures are lined with screenprinted gampi tissue paper like a delicate ghostly skin. Illuminated from the exterior, the imagery will become visible only when viewers enter the space. Inspired by French philosopher Gaston Baschelard, this work will explore ideas of site, space, and architecture in a Seattle landscape that is so rapidly developing and transforming.

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