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Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) 2021
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Betania (they/them) is a teacher and student of place-based skills and craft, a Somatic trauma care worker, and a multidisciplinary Artist and Maker. As a young person running from the various institutions, they found themselves in, one of the best places they found to hide was in “wild spaces.” In these so-called “wild” areas they found a sense of family with the non-human world around them. This is where they felt held and safe. Betania believes strongly in the healing power of reconnecting and rebuilding relationships with our more-than-human relatives. They have found on their own path that working with their hands, creating art in relationship with elements of nature, brings some of the deepest healing.

As a survivor of many layers of trauma, Betania has also spent many years working and learning various modalities for healing trauma, in order to work in Transformative Justice, share their journey with others, and support other survivors in their healing. They feel an extra strong pull to advocating for and supporting underserved, system-impacted youth and other formerly Incarcerated Individuals. Inspired by the beauty of storytelling and resilience that come thru Art created by survivors, Betania is excited to see how many of these pieces and healing modalities they have learned can be woven together to uplift other survivors in their healing journey.

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