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Fellowship Awards 2022
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Camas Logue is a multidisciplinary artist who belongs to the Klamath, Modoc, and Northern Paiute tribes. Logue is a weaver, carver, fine woodworker, painter, illustrator, printmaker, and musician whose work creates meaningful connections with land while confronting past and present colonial ramifications, utilizing Indigenous knowledge bases, and imagining ways of healing and building better futures for Indigenous communities in the 21st-century culture.

Logue’s study of landscapes incorporates natural materials and geologic pattern structures. For instance, his multilayered abstract landscape paintings involve a labor-intensive method of layering oils to conjure the processes of geological time, eroding and dissolving layers of minerals and pigments to reveal hidden distributary channels within separate layers of paint.

Logue lives with his family in the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community in northwest Washington, where he apprentices alongside his father-in-law, Swinomish elder and master carver Kevin Paul. Together, they work on community carving projects including pole carvings and show pieces.

Alongside his traditional and studio art practices, Logue is also a professional musician, playing drums and guitar in the band Black Belt Eagle Scout, which is led by his wife, Katherine “KP” Paul. Logue has toured in the band internationally, playing live and in radio performances.

Whether working in wood, pigment, sound or roots, Logue’s work invites audiences to see not through capitalist colonial eyes, where land and resources are exploited for profit, but from an Indigenous perspective in which land is our relative and must be taken care of and respected.

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