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Gin Hammond

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GAP 2009
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Grants for Artists' Progress (GAP) 2023
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Gin Hammond is an award-winning Harvard University/Moscow Art Theatre grad, as well as an actor, playwright, director, and author. She has performed onstage both nationally and internationally and received grants from Allied Arts, Artist Trust, 4 Culture, the NEA and others. Hammond’s previous solo play, Returning the Bones, was developed into a Gypsy Rose Lee Award and Gregory Award-nominated play, and subsequently into a novel which was released Juneteenth, 2023. Hammond also works as a voice teacher, dialect coach, and voice-over artist, and is known for her work in video games such as DotA II, BattleTech, Undead Labs. Gin is co-founder of Meditations for Actors (MFA), a meditation app specifically for actors, and lives in Bellevue.

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Image: Al Gilliom, 2022 GAP; PC: Ricky Osborne


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