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Pamela Awana Lee

Pamela Awana Lee Profile Photo
2019 GAP Award
Whitman County



Entangled, Mixed media, 26"x25" framed, 2019

Hand in the Clouds, Mixed media, 36"x34", 2016

Jersey Avenue, Color pencil drawing, 29"x31" framed, 2017

Tacit Tango, Color pencil drawing, 31"x29" framed, 2016

Pamela Awana Lee is a biracial American artist who has lived surrounded by Palouse rolling hills and magnificent cloudscapes since 1979. Her art is inspired by place, atmosphere, mood, memory, mystery, temporality, and precious moments connected to the drama and beauty of being alive. P A Lee recently retired from 32 years of service as a professor of art history for Washington State University’s Fine Arts Department and Honors College. She loved sharing pictures and stories of the human experience (also known as art history) with (literally) more than twenty-thousand students. P A Lee embraces the path ahead: creating painted and drawn images of her shared existence with creatures, cats, clouds, plants, birds, bugs, artifacts collected on Palouse-Land wanderings and pictorially marking the quotidian.

Pamela Awana Lee received 2019 GAP Award funding to promote her art-making (post-art historian) re-emergence. This important grant will allow her purchase a DSRL camera to capture quality art images, fund an upgraded artist website, print cards, and promote her studio practice.


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