Finance & Operations Director


Gems is a nonbinary trans femme who has been working at Artist Trust since 2015, and likes to joke that they are a retired punk. They spent nearly two decades playing in weird punk and hardcore bands, booking and promoting shows, and helping the Seattle DIY music community thrive. They received their BA from The Evergreen State College in audio engineering and communications, and dabble in a variety of artistic disciplines including their favorites, performance art and stone sculpture. As the Finance and Operations Director at Artist Trust, they oversee all aspects of financial budgeting and reporting, legal compliance, HR, IT, and office functions. Gems is currently focused on rebuilding Artist Trust’s policies with our staff and Board to solidify our new culture and bring our values and commitment to racial equity to life. In their spare time, they unabashedly enjoy Marvel movies, role-playing games, and spending time with their partner, dog, and cat.